Brooklyn SUBOA
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           Welcome to Brooklyn SUBOA's  Web site!

       We are now fifty years young ! 

S.U.B.O.A. (Sports United Basketball Officials Association), was founded in 1967.  
It began when a group of sports administrators -- referees, umpires, coaches, tournament coordinators, etc. -- realized the need to train officials from the community for the ever increasing need for officials from the community !

Such past notables as Zeke Clements, Lester Roberts, Herman Reid, Timmy Vincent, etc. and current notables such as James "Buddy" Keaton, Jerry Harper, Julius Walls, etc. got together to form an alliance which spread well beyond the confines of Brooklyn's St. John's Recreational Center.

With chapters in Manhattan/Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, SUBOA now trains officials you may see in the NBA or your local neighborhood rec center !

 Ever growing - Ever learning !