Brooklyn SUBOA
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Sports United Brooklyn Officials, Inc. (S.U.B.O.A.)



The name of this organization shall be Sports United Brooklyn Officials Association - S.U.B.O.A.


Section 1:     To promote the welfare of all sports, their players and officials; to maintain the kind of character relative to good officiating; to study and improve the techniques of officiating and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship.

Section 2:To promote the development of officiating skills among the membership.

Section 3:To prepare membership for other official federations and associations.

Section 4:To conduct clinics, workshops, seminars, etc., that promote sports education for players, coaches, and officials.

Section 5:To assist in the planning and development of leagues, special games, and tournaments.

Section 6:     To provide consultant services to agencies and organizations.

Section 7: To provide and assign qualified officials for leagues, tournaments, and special games; to refrain from participation in leagues, tournaments or special games that do not display good character or further the best interest of the community.

Section 8:     To promote youth to advance themselves through sports and education.

Section 9: To promote organization, cooperation, and brotherhood through sports.

Section 10: To assist individuals, agencies, organizations, etc. in raising funds not for profit.


Section 1:     Members in good standing are those of good character who have been accepted as full members in the Boro Board in accordance with the necessary requirements for active members as promulgated by the Boro Board and the Division(s) of which they are a member.

Section 2:     Former members whose membership has lapsed for a period of one(1) year or more must re-apply for membership as would a new candidate seeking membership in the Boro Board.  Former members whose membership has lapsed for less than one year may be immediately voted into their previous membership status upon application and acceptance by the Executive Committee.

Section 3:     Application for membership shall be eligible for provisional membership after passing the course of study at the School for Officials in the specific sport or after submitting proof of full membership from another accredited association of that sport.

Section 4:     Membership shall be divided into the following categories:

(a) Associate: Members who have not yet reached the age of 18.  These members have the same privileges as full active members with the exception of voting and holding office.

(b) Full Active: Members who have fulfilled and continue to fulfill the membership requirements.

(c) Inactive: Membership who have been registered Full Active member and who have maintained continuous membership at least two years unless physically handicapped and not actively officiating in S.U.B.O.A. for that season in which they hold membership in this category.

(d) Honorary:                    i.     Life: Members who have passed all S.U.B.O.A. requirements and have maintained continued membership for 20 years may be voted to this status upon recommendation by the Membership Committee.                                                                                                                 ii.    Boro Board Honorary: Those persons who have contributed 20 years of service to this Boro-Board and have been elected to this honor by this Boro-Board.

(e) Provisional: Those who have not been voted into full membership but have graduated from the School Of Officials or those who are members of another accredited organization who seek to become a member of S.U.B.O.A. Provisional status shall be for at least one year but shall not exceed three years.


Section 1:     Each member is required to pay annual dues.  The amount of the dues shall be fixed by each division.  Each division may also impose a penalty for late fees.

Section 2:     All applicants for membership shall be an initiation fee as part of their application.  The fee shall be determined by each division.  If the application is denied, a portion of the initiation fee shall be returned.

Section 3:     Probationary and Provisional members shall pay the same fees as full members.

Section 4:     Associate and Inactive members shall pay 1/2 (half) of the full membership fee.

Section 5:     Honorary members are not required to pay membership fees.


Section 1:     The Boro Board shall have the power to create additional Divisions that focus on a specific sport as the need develops.

Section 2:     Each Division that has been created shall be governed by the By-Laws for that Division and this Constitution.


Section 1:     The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Historian/Parliamentarian.

Section 2:     The officers of S.U.B.O.A. along with the Immediate Past-President and three Members-at-Large shall serve as the Executive Committee.

Section 3:     Each Division of S.U.B.O.A. shall have the following officers: Supervisor of Officials and Interpreter.

Section 4;     The officers of S.U.B.O.A. along with the officers of each Division shall make up the Division's Executive Council.


Section 1:     The President shall preside at all meetings of the Boro Board.  He/She shall appoint all committees unless otherwise provided for and receive annually from each Committee Chairperson a financial budget whereby he/she will be able to compose the yearly operating budget for approval by the Boro Board at the annual meeting in May.  He/She shall perform as the leader of the Boro Board giving directions to its programs.  He/She shall be a member of every Negotiating committee.

Section 2:     The Vice President in the absence, inability or resignation of the President shall perform the duties of the President.  The Vice president shall preside over the Executive Committee.

Section 3:     The Secretary shall keep minutes of the Boro Board and the minutes of the Executive Committee and shall keep all records and have them ready when called for.  The Secretary shall distribute the applications for membership into the association and for the School of Officials and, in general, shall perform all the duties incident to the office of Secretary subject to the control of the Sports United Brooklyn Officials Association. The Secretary shall preside over the Membership committee.

Section 4:     The Treasurer shall have the custody of all monies due the Association.  He/she shall have the general responsibility for seeing the monies of the Association are deposited to its credit in checking and savings accounts in such banks as the Executive Committee may designate.  Any two (2) persons among the Treasurer, President, and Vice President shall endorse all checks on behalf of the Association.  The Treasurer shall see that only those fees and monies duly authorized by the regulations of the Boro Board shall be paid out.  The Treasurer shall see that full and accurate financial records are kept.  The Treasurer shall preside over the Finance Committee.

Section 5:     The Historian/Parliamentarian shall be responsible for the custody of all historical documents of the Boro Board.  He/She shall be the official authority relative to the Constitutional interpretation.  He/She shall preside over the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

Section 6:     The Members-at-Large shall aid the officers of the Boro Board in any way possible in order that the necessary Boro Board business can be disposed of both promptly and accurately.

Section 7:     The Supervisor of Officials for each Division shall be responsible for assigning officials to all league games and tournaments that have been contracted to the Boro Board.  The Supervisior of Officials shall have the power to recommend to the Executive Committee for disciplinary procedures the names of those S.U.B.O.A. officials who are negligent in regards to game assignments (in all aspects such as uniform, neatness, promptness, etc.)  The Supervisor of Officials shall serve as a member of the School of Officials Committee and the Negotiating Committee.  For his/her Division he/she can also appoint an Assistant who will not be part of the Executive Council.

Section 8:     The Interpreter for each Division shall conduct meetings for the members in the interest of uniformity and strict interpretation of the rules, the mechanics and techniques of good officiating before and during any sports season as a means of educating officials, coaches, players, and others interested in the fundamentals of good officiating.  The Interpreter shall be responsible for ordering all material related to the rules and regulations of any sport upon approval of the Executive Committee.  The Interpreter shall also conduct the School for Officials and preside over the School for Officials Committee for that Division.


Section 1:     The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall have the power to handle problems involving delinquent members (both General and Executive Committee members).  This committee shall act as a Character Committee of the Boro Board should any problem arise.  It shall act upon nominations for Honorary membership (considering the member's length of service in the association, service to the committee and service to the sport in general).  This committee shall be empowered to act for the Boro Board in emergencies between regular meetings of the Boro Board on its action and recommendations for approval.  All expenses incurred by said officers relative to their problems will be paid by the Boro Board.  All disciplinary matters shall be handled by this body.

Section 2:The CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE along with the Historian/Parliamentarian shall review all minutes of the Boro Board during the past year for any Constitutional changes and to update the Boro Board Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 3:     The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE along with the Secretary shall distribute applications for membership.  This committee shall act as an investigating committee and by request from the Executive Committee shall investigate any members in the Boro Board.

Section 4:     The FINANCE COMMITTEE along with the Treasurer shall report to the membership each month on the financial of the organization.  This committee along with the Treasurer shall assist in collecting all monies due the Boro Board (from members, leagues, etc.)

Section 5:     The PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE  shall work to promote the name of the Boro Board with the uses of any media as deemed necessary.  This committee. is responsible to distribute all throwaways and communications relating to the association's programs.


Section 1:     The President shall appoint a committee for Nominations.  This committee shall report at the regular meeting in January.  At that time they shall present the names of the candidates for office that will form the Executive Committee.  Additional nominations can be made from the floor at this meeting.

Section 2:     Candidate for officers must be from the Full membership ranks of the Boro Board.

Section 3:     The term of office for the President and Vice President shall be two(2) years.  They shall be elected at the annual meeting in March of the Boro Board in the odd-numbered years.  The President and the Vice President may be re-elected for an additional Term not to exceed more than two (2) Terms, (4 years.)  He/She must be placed on the ballot for the position of President and Vice President by the election committee.  Consecutive re-election of the current President or Vice President must be majority vote of the Boro Board (General Membership.)  The President and Vice President cannot run for their perspective position for one (1) Term (2 years) after they have been re-elected and served their consecutive Terms.

Section 4:     The term of office for the Interpreter and Public Relations Secretary shall be two (2) years.  They shall be elected at the annual meeting in March of the Boro Board in the even-numbered years and may be re-elected without limitation.

Section 5:     The term of office for the Secretary Treasurer and Supervisor of Officials shall be two (2) years.  They shall be elected in the annual meeting in March of the Boro Board in the even-numbered years.  The Secretary, Treasurer, and Supervisor of Officials may be re-elected without limitation.

Section 6:     The term of office for the Historian/Parliamentarian shall be four(4) years commencing with an odd-numbered year.  He/She may be re-elected without limitation.

Section 7:     The term of office for the Members-st-Large shall be three (3) years - one being elected every year in March at the annual meeting of the Boro Board. They shall not be eligible for immediate re-election as Member-at-Large, but must wait at least one (1) year in order to be re-elected to that position.

Section 8:The officers shall be elected by a majority of votes of members of the Boro Board who are eligible to vote at a meeting where a quorum is present.

Section 9:If any office, except the President, becomes vacant during a term, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill that vacancy until the next meeting at which a formal election will be held to elect a person to fill that unexpired term.

Section 10:   A retiring President shall serve as a member of the Executive  Committee for a two (2) year period following his/her term as President, with full voting powers.

Section 11:    The installation of officers shall be held at the annual meeting in April.

Section 12:    Any officer can be removed for cause upon recommendation by the Executive Committee and three-fourths(3/4) vote of members of the Boro Board who are eligible to vote at a meeting where a quorum is present.


Section 1:    S.U.B.O.A.  shall hold meetings during the following months.                     All meetings will have a focus.

                   January:Constitution Review and Presentation of
Nominees for Office by the Nominations

                   March:       Annual meeting for election of officers

                   April:         Installation of Officers and Appointment of                                               Committees

                   May:          Annual Budget approval for each Division and                                           preparation for summer season

                   August:       Annual Banquet

                   September:  Annual Picnic

                   October:     Treasurer's Report, Season Preview, and School                                        for Officials (Film Showing, etc.)

                   November:  Association Examination and Interpretation

                   December:  Appointment of Nominating Committee and                                               Association Examination Review

Section 2:     After each General Membership meeting each Division of   S.U.B.O.A. shall conduct a meeting to deal with their specific concerns.

Section 3:     The Supervisor of Officials of each Division shall have the authority to call for an assignment meeting at any time that he/she deems necessary.  He/she must however give notice of such a meeting at a regular membership meeting or by mail to all members in good standing.

Section 4:     Prior to each regularly scheduled membership meeting the Executive Committee shall meet to deal with the agenda for the upcoming General Membership meeting and deal with any proposals or concerns of S.U.B.O.A.

Section 5:     Executive Committe members are required to attend at least one half (1/2) of all scheduled Executive Committee meetings.

Section 6:     Attendance of eight(8) of the voting members in good standing shall constitute a quorum to conduct business at meetings of the   Boro Board or one third(1/3) of the total membership in good standing.

Section 7:     A quorum for the Executive Committee shall be five (5).

Section 8:     A majority at the Boro Board's Executive Committee meeting  shall be necessary to transact business.

Section 9:     Members are required to attend three (3) meetings of the Boro Board annually, one being the Annual Interpretation of that members division. 

Section 10:   A special meeting of the Executive Committee may be called at the discretion of any three (3) Executive Committee members.

Section 11:   Any emergency meeting of the General Membership can be     called at any time by the Executive Committee.


Section 1: There are no restrictions as to the territory in which a Boro     Board member may work except those by which other S.U.B.O.A. officials are bound.

Section 2:   Members of other Boro Boards when working in a tournament contracted to the Sports United Brooklyn Officials Association are bound by the working conditions of the Brooklyn Boro      Board.

Section 3: Ignorance of the rules and regulations is not an acceptable excuse for the violation of the rules of the Boro Board.

Section 4:   Members are encouraged to refrain from working in  tournaments or leagues that the Boro Board has determined to be hazardous, or in conflict with the interest and goals of  S.U.B.O.A.  The Secretary shall maintain a list of such tournaments or leagues and make it available to the membership


Section 1:     Members may be suspended, expelled, placed on probation, or fined after a Hearing for :

                   a:     failing to maintain good standing in the Boro Board
                   b:     violating the rules and regulations of the Boro Board
                   c:     violating the rules and regulations of the Boro Board in                               whose territory they work
                   d:     conduct unbecoming an official

Section 2:     All offenders must be notified by registered mail, telephone, or telegram of their violations, penalties, fines, and assessments.


Section 1:     Parliamentary procedures under the Boro Board Constitution   and By-Laws shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order except when a special order of business shall take precedence. The Order of Business shall be:

a)     Rules Discussion
b)     Call of Meeting to order
c)     Reading of previous meeting's minutes
d)     Roll Call
e)     Treasurer's report
f)     Supervisor of Officials report 
g)     Committee reports
h)     Unfinished (old) business
i)      New business
j)     Adjournment


Section 1:     No amendment or alteration shall be made to the Constitution of the Sports United Brooklyn Officials Association unless proposed in writing by two thirds(2/3) of the Executive Committee or a majority of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee or five(5) members of the Boro Board two (2) weeks before the meeting for the consideration thereof.  No  such amenments or alterations shall be made except by two thirds(2/3) vote of the full membership present (with a quorum of all members being present).  All changes unless otherwise stated shall be made effective on September 1st of the next season.

                               Adopted - Feb. 1967
                               Revised  - Jun. 1967
                               Revised  - Mar. 1968
                               Revised  - Apr. 1975
                               Revised  - Nov. 1976
                               Revised  - Nov. 1988
                               Revised  - Jan. 1994



Section 1:     Any person wishing to become a member of the baskeball  division of S.U.B.O.A. must:

                         a)  submit an application to the Secretary of S.U.B.O.A.
                         b)  upon notification from the Interpreter attend and pass                                the course of study as provided by the Interpreter;                              upon notification from the Interpreter, during the                                        season pass both written and practical test in lieu of                              formal course of study provided by the Interpreter.                               c)  be accepted into provisional membership by the                                         Executive Committee and confirmed by a majority                                     vote of the General Membership.

Section 2:   Any official from another accredited basketball officials  association shall, after submitting Proof of Full Membership in that organization, be eligible for Provisional Membership upon submitting an application to the Secretary. Accredited organizations refer to groups such as :

                          a) Established S.U.B.O.A. boards
                          b) I.A.A.B.O. boards
                          c) FIBA
                          d) Bronze Whistles, NJ
                          e) New York State Girls Basketball Officials Association

Section 3:     Any member who allows his/her membership to lapse by not  paying dues, not attending the required number of meetings, or failing to be in good standing may be required, at the request of the Interpreter, to pass a course of study determined by the Interpreter.


Section 1:     The yearly membership dues shall be fifty dollars($50) payable on or before January 31st.

                        a) Payment of dues after January 31st, but before April                                  15th shall be sixty dollars ($60).
                        b) Payments of dues after April 15th shall be eighty dollars                             ($80). Note 1:  Newly inducted provisional members                                  will have thirty (30) days to pay the dues fee.                                                                          
Note 2:  S.U.B.O.A. class graduates, unless noted otherwise, are presumed to have paid the first year's dues fee as part of the class fee.

Section 2:     The application fee for new members shall be twenty dollars   ($20) which is not refundable unless that application is denied by the Secretary - in which case ten dollars ($10) is refundable.                                                         


Section 1:     To maintain good standing each member shall:

                        a)     Take a S.U.B.O.A. written examination annually and                                    is to submit it to the School for Officials for                                              grading.                                   

Note:  Members who take and pass an exam or attend an Interpretation meeting from another accredited basketball association (see Article 1.2a through 2e) are exempt from this requirement in the season in which they took and passed the exam.

                        b)     Attend at least one interpretation meeting each year.

                        c)     Pay their annual dues.

                        d)     Pay all fines as they become due.  Fines shall be one                                  game fee.  Offending official must pay the fine to                                       the Boro Board no later than 7 days following the                                missed game.  Officials working alone, in a multiple                                    official game, are entitled to one and a half (1 1/2)                                      times the game fee. 

Note: Voting rights and privileges to work will not vest until dues and fines are current. 

Section 2:     Members may be disciplined for the failure to comply with the S.U.B.O.A. Constitution, the Basketball Division By-Laws, or  delinquency in payment of authorized charges, or any other conduct conclusively established to be contrary to the best interest of sportsmanship.  A member may be suspended from the Boro Board for not more than one year.  A member may be expelled.

No S.U.B.O.A. member, otherwise in good standing with that member's Boro Board, may be penalized, suspended, or expelled for actions not specifically related to, or in violation of, expressed provisions of S.U.B.O.A.'s Constitution or By-Laws.

Section 3:     RIGHT TO APPEAL

                        a)     Any member (except probationary, provisional, and                                  associated members) suspended by a Boro Board                                     shall have the right to appeal to the Association or the                                Executive Committee.
                        b)    A member who is in jeopardy of violating any of the                                   above shall be given notice.  A suspension will only                                    occur after the member has disregarded this notice.

Section 4:     RIGHT OF HEARING

A member charged with any offense shall have the right to be heard in person by the Executive Committee or by that member's written statement.


When a member is suspended or expelled, the Executive Committee shall notify all concerned that such member is no longer able to accept assignments or officiate as a member of this Association.  No member shall  officiate knowingly with a suspended or expelled member.


Section 1:     Quorum for the transaction of business shall be five members of the Executive Committee. Either eight members or one third of the members in good standing shall be a quorum for a meeting of the Boro Board.

Section 2:     General Membership meetings shall be the second Monday of each month.  The Executive Committee shall hold their meetings on the first Monday of each month.

Section 3:     A mail vote may be used for election of officers.  It may be    used by the Executive Committee to transact necessary necessary business between meetings thereof.  When such action is necessary, the Vice President of the Board may submit such proposition as may be in order, through the Secretary to the Executive Committee.  Two thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee must be in agreement to establish a proposition and effect action.  Mail vote may only be taken in  such propositions as may otherwise be decided by majority vote.


Section 1:     There are no restrictions on members as to where they may    work, but members are encouraged not to officiate in leagues that the Executive Committee has determined not to be in the best interests of S.U.B.O.A.

Section 2:     S.U.B.O.A. will not assume liability for any member who officiates in a non-contracted tournament or league, regardless of the conflict that may arise in that tournament or league.

Section 3:     If and when a S.U.B.O.A. official is assigned by S.U.B.O.A. to a tournament played in a location not under S.U.B.O.A.'s jurisdiction, he/she shall be governed by the rules and  regulations of the Boro Board in that location.


Section 1:     The NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE shall be made up of members of the Executive Committe, two of which must be the President and Supervisor of Officials.  This committee shall be responsible for the obtainment of all league and tournament  contracts as well as other contracts.  The signature of the President and Secretary shall be required on all contracts.

Section 2:     The BANQUET COMMITTEE shall prepare a proposal for the annual banquet held in the month of September.  This will    include (a) type of affair,(b) place for the affair,(c) program for the affair, etc.

Section 3:     The ROBERT A. SMITH COMMITTEE shall select each year from the applicants, an applicant to receive the Robert A.Smith Memorial Scholarship Award.  This committee shall select each year from the General Membership a member for their outstanding service during the past year to be designated for the Robert A. Smith Service Award.  This committee shall be responsible for setting up the Robert A. Smith Invitational Junior High School Basketball Tournament each year.


Section 1:     EQUIPMENT

                        a)  Long black trousers (or short black coaches shorts,                                  when designated or in season

                        b)  The most current S.U.B.O.A. shirt

                        c)  Black belt when black trousers have belt loops

                        d)  Black leather shoes with black shoe laces (black socks                               are to be worn with long trousers;off-white calf length                                sweat socks are to be worn with short trousers)

                        e)  Black whistle with black lanyard

Note: The official S.U.B.O.A. shirt is only authorized when officiating a contracted S.U.B.O.A. tournament, whether assignment is received from the association, the Supervisor of Officials or his staff, or another member.  All other wearing of this shirt is unlawful.


Section 1:     DESIGNATED AUTHORITY - When final interpretation of any item in these By-Laws is necessary, between meetings of  the Executive Committee, the Historian/Parliamentarian is the final authority, with the approval of the President.


Section 1:    These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the General Membership of S.U.B.O.A. present at any       regular scheduled meeting.  However, if a special meeting is called for that purpose, a written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been mailed to all Boro Board members at least two weeks prior to such meeting.


                   Article III Section 1.d - rewritten                05-13-90

                   Article I Section 2                                       01-01-91

                   Article III Section 1.a Note                         01-01-91

                   Article VII - Addition of Note 1                  10-01-91

                   Article IV Section 2                                    03-09-92

                   Article II Section 1.a and b
                   Notes 1 and 2                                              11-01-92

                   Article V Sections 2 and 3 - Revised           01-01-03

                   Article I Section 1.b                                    12-01-93